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Maegan T.
I had the opportunity to take this class yesterday. I know how to shoot, but I was not familiar with the basics of guns. Being a single mom I wanted to get a gun, but I did not want to get a gun that I knew nothing about. Alex and his crew were phenomenal. They were very patient and made sure we all knew exactly what they were talking about when they were explaining or demonstrating. When my girls are old enough they will definitely be taking this class. I highly recommend.
Chance C.
My brother and I attended PHI's second ever Pistol 1 class. While not an expert, I consider myself a 2.5/5 when it comes to firearms. Having never heard of these guys, my thought process was, “We’ll check it out. It's local, and we might learn something. If all is lost, at least we'll be shooting outside.” I am happy to say that my expectations were WELL exceeded. The guys at PHI thoroughly covered the basics for new shooters; while somehow still dropping knowledge-bombs on the more experienced. They were humble, terrific communicators, patient when we didn't understand, and encouraging. At the end of the day, what MOST impressed me was their openness to constructive criticism. They asked what we thought the highlights of the class were, along with what were the down-falls. This spoke VOLUMES to me. It showed that PHI's top priority is effectively teaching citizens how to protect and defend. They’re in this for us, not themselves. Can't wait to get back out there.
Jessie F.
Just came home from the basic pistol familiarization class and haven’t stopped talking to my husband about it since. I'm truly a novice when it comes to handguns and now feel confident enough to practice on my own at a range without issue. Alex and the guys were very helpful and patient with me. I STRONGLY recommend taking this class at any level. Thanks for the opportunity to learn.
Therese Cleaver
I’ve taken a few courses, and they are both educational and entertaining. Real talk though, probably the best guidance and training I’ve had in the private sector. The feedback is immediately tangible and helpful, looking forward to my next course.
Genene Gardner
I took the basic pistol class and it was great. I learned so much and felt much more comfortable with how to shoot. I highly recommend this class.
Jacqueline Miller
The Best of the Best. Alex, Darren, Chavez.... all three of these guys are a book of knowledge when it comes to pistol training. They are genuinely interested in you and your firearms training. I have attended the basic and advanced classes... not only did I learn ALOT, but I had so much fun. #funnyguys. 10 out of 10. Highly Recommend for all firearms training.
Jansen Limer
I have taken both basic pistol and basic rifle. Both classes were well taught and the student to instructor ratio was perfect. In both classes the staff at Pale Horse Weapons Institute saw our progress as a class and provided more advanced techniques as we were ready. I cannot wait to take more classes from them in the future.
Austin Northman
Booked a Saturday class with my coworkers as a team building day. The class was very informative and once we felt comfortable we really had a great time. It was fun. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient with us. I left feeling more confident with my firearm. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is a bit anxious and wants some personalized instruction. — with Christy McFie and Kylee Watkins.